Baby Girl Jade

8 May 2005 was a rainy day…raining heavily with thunderstorm…, Jade, our little one join our family on this day.

 A lady who keeps over 40 homeless dogs & cats in a rented village house at Kwan Tei fostered her. Jade was the youngest one among them, a tiny cute Mongrel girl only 1.5 months old!

 Jade was shy and hide underneath our sofa for whole day, crawling out from the sofa for meals. By the second day, she curiously sneaking around the new environment, smelling Porsche’s toys, following me for meals and each tiny thing seems to create her own adventure.

Porsche seems to enjoy her companion, like to wrestling with her up on our house rooftop!  He learned to share his toys and sleeping space with her, of course, can’t share each other meals at all! With Porsche’s guidance, Jade pick up the correct place to answer nature’s call within 3 weeks!  He deserves a big kiss!

Although Jade isn’t pure breed like Dong Dong, she still have my pledge to be our life family member!

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