I have to introduce you to an eBay seller who is absolutely first Class! A first class con artist that is. He goes by the trade name Radio-mart on eBay and I have at first hand the unenviable experience as a buyer to have to deal with this prat and ponce. Many hams already know this trader of ill-repute and his infamy spreads far and wide.

This is a warning to all hams looking for a radio of immaculate and near perfect condition. You may be lured by his ads starting with "Radio-mart does it again", he will exaggerate and boast on how good the equipment? on offer is and that it is perfect and almost mint. His dictum is almost standardized (crap) for all his ads and don't be taken. His mode of operation [Modus-operandi]? and scam is usually to buy in equipment from other sellers and then to trade them off as near perfect specimens. However equipment that he buys in is not tested or checked? or refurbished and in most case defective, DOA and near perfect pieces of junk.

This was the case when I purchased a Heathkit SB-104 which he described as near perfect and immaculate. It arrived and was not in a good condition, the cabinets had no screws, the heat sink was detached. The heat sink and front panels had large dings, the VFO was not functional, the LED display board was burnt and the A board was damaged.

When I escalated the matter to PayPal for a claim, he sent me an email an in very direct manner told me to "Fxxx' off.

This guy is a so called Power Seller, but don't be mislead, here below are a list of URL's on the web all pointing the finger at Radio-mart and describing just what a scammer and con artist this guy is.


For his deeds, I will therefore provide this free page of advertising for him for life. Don't fall into his trap and stay away from him. There are other sellers out there who would be much much better alternatives then this third rate punk con-artist.